About Us

JaNeSt metal company from Bor was established as a family company with tradition and great experience. Since its inception, it has been engaged in machine processing using CNC technology, production of tools, equipment, parts for special purposes, as needed by our clients.

The technology is adapted to individual or small-scale production and service provision in the field of CNC machining.

JaNeSt metal is mainly based on production for a well-known customer. The contracting is possible on the basis of delivered or its own constructive documentation, standards or samples.

JaNeSt metal's priority is satisfying the needs of the customer. In addition to the known quality and reliability, there is also a short delivery time as well as an excellent price-quality ratio. We are able to fulfill special requirements of the customer very fast and with high quality.

In designing and manufacturing, we are trying to make full use of modern technologies that enable us to save time, increase productivity and improve quality, relying on the combination of CAD \ CAM software packages and the numerical management of the CNC machines. The diversified production program has conditioned our presence in various fields.

We have trust of the companies for which we make metal parts of high technical conditions. On the references page you can see a wider list of our business partners.

Using the materials of high quality, high expertise and meeting the needs of customers, the company has found its place on the market. Continuous proving of superior quality led to an increase in production volumes and a gradual increase in capacity. Along with increasing production volumes, the production program has expanded. In the upcoming period, we will strive to maintain a reputation and we will work on modernizing equipment and improving production, in order to be able to respond to the challenges that require the production of high quality.

We can offer you our experience and help you solve the various problems you are facing.

The buyer who once opts for cooperation with us or for our product, never leaves us!

One of your orders would surely convince you about the quality and competitiveness of our products.

With respect,
JaNeSt metal